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CarrierPoint's applications allow shippers and carriers to deal directly without using labor-intensive and error-prone business processes, expensive EDI technology or costly third parties. The real-time communication provided by CarrierPoint's software enhances the traditional logistics process significantly increasing process efficiencies and reducing costs.

CarrierPoint has several implementation options available. Whether you're a small company looking to expand your business or a Fortune 500 company looking to cut costs and improve efficiency, we have the solutions that can best fit your needs.


CarrierPoint’s WebDispatch application allows shippers and carriers to conduct their contract business directly without the use of labor-intensive and error-prone business processes, expensive EDI technology or the costly involvement of a third party. WebDispatch allows both parties to use the Web to retain control over their business processes and retain their current business rules.

CarrierPoint’s DSM allows shippers and carriers to offer shipments, communicate prices, make commitments, and share information in a secure, real-time environment using either their own private marketplaces or CarrierPoint’s public marketplace.

With its contract management and collaborative exchange functionality, CarrierPoint’s proprietary technology helps eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain by enabling shippers and carriers to streamline labor-intensive and costly shipping processes. CarrierPoint’s applications store all transactions in an integrated data warehouse for later retrieval and analysis.

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CarrierPoint's dock door scheduling tool, DockMaster, is a Web-based application that provides the real-time visibility necessary to make scheduling dock appointments easier and more accurate. Shippers can use the web to schedule pick-ups and deliveries by their selected carriers, routing them to a pre-assigned loading or unloading door. Truckload and less-than-truckload carriers can schedule dock appointments quickly and easily over the Web without having to make time-intensive phone calls. (Most shippers and consignees estimate their schedulers spend at least 40% of their time on the phone scheduling and managing appointments.) By using DockMaster, shippers and carriers can improve communication and reduce errors, improve labor planning and use reporting tools to measure performance.

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DataDepot is a data warehouse tool that provides online data mining and reporting capabilities to help shippers and carriers better understand and operate their businesses. DataDepot allows multiple users to customize and view their company's information. Shippers can use the information for evaluation of carrier partners, contract management and negotiation, customer and vendor performance evaluation and supply chain planning. Carriers can use the information to better manage lanes of traffic, minimize excess capacity, and evaluate business operations.

Use DataDepot to select and view standardized management reports with nothing more than a web browser. Dynamically select and construct customized Web-based reports using simple tools. Customize templates and save them for reuse or share them across the company. Interactively select, compare and analyze data using On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) tools and export the data to Microsoft Excel™ or other data analysis tools for further evaluation.

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CarrierPoint realizes that companies such as yours have developed substantial in-house IT expertise over the years, and want to utilize these talents to their fullest. As a result, we provide the Open Messaging Systems Interfacesm (OMSI) toolkit to assist in integration. This toolkit provides several packages that can be used to integrate with the CarrierPoint platform. All of the packages provide a secure interface to CarrierPoint's solutions, with full encryption, authentication and guaranteed message delivery. CarrierPoint's OMSI packages can be implemented and maintained by your IT personnel, even if they do not have Internet development experience.

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