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CarrierPointsm is a leading provider of Web-based logistics software that allows shippers and carriers to communicate and conduct business with each other in real time.

CarrierPoint’s applications allow shippers and carriers to deal directly without using labor-intensive and error-prone business processes, expensive EDI technology or costly third parties. The real-time communication provided by CarrierPoint’s software enhances the traditional logistics process, significantly increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Using proprietary technology, CarrierPoint helps eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain. Shippers and carriers can easily tender their pre-assigned contract loads through their own private marketplace or dynamically obtain a going rate for exception or "one-off" loads through CarrierPoint’s public marketplace. CarrierPoint also provides the capability to schedule pick-up and delivery appointments on-line and perform data mining/analytical reporting on historical transportation-related activities.

Shippers and carriers can build collaborative networks with each other to reduce costs, improve service levels, and capture data for decision-making while maintaining the level of control they enjoy over their current processes.

For more information about the various logistics solutions that we offer, please see the Solutions section.



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