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Integration - The Challenge

Using the Internet to streamline your company's logistics process can pay big dividends. However, the costs of integrating your company's current systems with an internet-based logistics solution can be intimidating, particularly when you figure in the cost of third-party integration packages, long-term consulting engagements and compatibility problems.

OMSI - The CarrierPoint Solution

CarrierPoint realizes that companies such as yours have developed substantial in-house IT expertise over the years, and want to utilize these talents to their fullest. As a result, we provide the Open Messaging Systems InterfaceSM (OMSI) toolkit to assist in integration. This toolkit provides several packages that can be used to integrate with the CarrierPoint platform. All of the packages provide a secure interface to CarrierPoint's solutions, with full encryption, authentication and guaranteed message delivery. CarrierPoint's OMSI packages can be implemented and maintained by your IT personnel, even if they do not have Internet development experience.


  • Can be used on virtually any operating system (OS/400, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, OS/390, Unix, Linux)
  • Can be used with or without EDI, and with or without third-party EAI tools
  • Provides authentication and access control features
  • Secures communications using 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Guarantees reliable transmissions through verification and if necessary re-transmission
  • Provides several options to isolate the CarrierPoint interface from your other production systems, and does not require that you open your firewall to inbound requests from the Internet
  • Uses self-identifying version control to guarantee your interface will be compatible as CarrierPoint delivers new system features


  • Offers platform independence to accommodate your particular technology needs and environment
  • Leverages your existing investments in EDI and EAI technologies
  • Provides state-of-the-art security for your business information
  • Creates a fault-tolerant environment that verifies completion of your transactions
  • Affords flexibility in designing the architecture and methods for interfaces
  • Accommodates system upgrades and enhancements


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